Dr. Noémie Gauthier-Gaulin

Dr. Noémie Gauthier-Gaulin is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Université de Montréal. During her university studies, Dr. Gauthier-Gaulin has been involved in several associations and non-profit organizations to promote oral health and improve access to care.

Dr. Noémie Gauthier-Gaulin

In addition, she recently participated in a humanitarian trip to Guatemala to provide free dental care to those in need.

Passionate and empathetic, Dr. Gauthier-Gaulin and her team provide quality care that is attentive to the needs of their patients. She is particularly fond of the areas of operative and aesthetic dentistry, periodontal disease, implantology, and fixed prostheses.

In her spare time, she enjoys running and yoga. Nature-loving, she is particularly fond of outdoor activities such as camping and backpacking.

Dr. Eric Lajoie is proud to add Dr. Gauthier-Gaulin to his team.