Leading edge technologies

Our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technologies. This allows us to offer you high quality, painless and gentle treatments.

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CEREC is a German technology that allows us to prepare ceramic crowns, inlays or veneers in our office. This avoids the need for multiple appointments and it only takes roughly ninety minutes to complete the entire teatment. Do not hesitate to ask us if CEREC is a solution for you.

Caries detection with DIAGNOdent

To detect dental caries, dentists traditionally use various techniques such as visual exam, dental explorer and X-rays. Unfortunately, all these techniques only detect 50% of caries. This is why we like to use DIAGNOdent, a device that uses laser technology to detect caries in dental pits and fissures. Secure and efficient, this tool is able to detect nearly 90% of caries. It is a great complement to the conventional caries detection methods.

Oral cancer detection

Each year, close to 700 Quebecers learn that they have oral cancer. About 300 of those die or almost one each day. During our dental exams, we use VELscope, a device that helps us detect the early signs of oral cancer. The earlier this cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of survival.

Dentiste a Laval - Clinique dentaire Eric Lajoie a Vimont Laval - Impression de précision

Precision scans for teeth impressions

With our Primescan camera, taking digital images of your teeth is quick and accurate. In addition, you do not have to suffer the use of impression paste.

Intraoral camera

An intraoral camera is a pen shaped camera that can take digital pictures of the inside of your mouth. It shows magnified images of your gums and teeth on the computer screen. In addition to helping the dentist in his diagnostic, it also allows you to see what the dentist sees.

Digital x-rays

To reduce your exposure to radiation, the clinic acquired digital x-ray equipment. This technology also provides the following benefits: it is faster, more precise, easy to share with your insurance company or with a dental specialist and finally, not harmful to the environment (It no longer requires various chemicals to develop the films).

Milling a crown using CEREC