Dental crowns

The crown is the visible part of the tooth above the gum. It must be solid because it undergoes the pressure of chewing. In addition, it is exposed to food, air, saliva, bacteria and microbes.

The crown of a tooth can undergo different types of damage: tooth decay, trauma (accident), cracks, fractures, etc. Regardless of the cause of deterioration of the crown, it is important to repair or replace it. This depends on the severity of the damage. An artificial crown is often required to restore strength to a tooth with multiple fillings or a root canal treatment.

CEREC crowns made on site

Historically, crowns were fabricated in the laboratory and therefore required several appointments with the dentist. Our clinic is equipped with CEREC technology which allows us to make crowns and inlays on site. This saves you time and travel, at an equivalent cost.

To learn more about dental crowns

For more information on dental crowns, ask your dentist or watch the following video.